This Gallery is Before & After shots of the house we now live in.  Pardon the "personality" in the shots.  And yes, we use the same furniture in the before and after shots.. Because we still live here. 

First is our dining room.  Sean Knocked out the wall to the left and removed the mirror in the center of the "before" shot, got rid of all the shelving that was falling apart, mudded, painted, put in new tile, and got a new chandelier.  Second B/A is the Family Room.  We got rid of the old door that was there, painted, installed new fixtures, and put in all new paint!

Third is the shot into the kitchen and the Family room.  Sean got rid of the dividing wall in the kitchen, put the refrigerator in the spot where the laundry room/ pantry used to be, of course there is new tile, new paint, new carpeting, and new cabinetry all around.  

Fourth is the Living room.  We stained, and re-carpeted, and behind the closed doors in the picture is custom built shelving. The fifth set is the shot of the master bedroom.  We mudded, textured, painted, put in new carpet, and got a new bed. following that is the hallway.  We painted and re carpeted after texturing.

Sixth set is the front bathroom.  Sean moved the water heater, rearranged the plumbing, put in a new vanity and "painted" the tub [with a specific type of paint]. We also tiled the shower and floor.  The next is the master bathroom pictures.  We removed the stubborn, ugly yellow-ish shower, the vanity and the mirror, and replaced the shower with tile and a new door, and the vanity with a new vanity, and the mirror with new shelving and a mirror.  Of course we textured and painted the walls, and tiled the floor as well.  In this room we decided to put tile molding instead of the normal molding that's throughout the rest of the house. 

The eighth pair is a picture of the guest bedroom.  It's re-done just like the rest of the house, but it's now used as our storage/craft area. The next pair is a picture of the master bedroom looking into the bathroom.  

The kitchen was a very odd setup, and one of the first things Sean did was remove the wall that the refrigerator, stove top and oven were on.  He made sure that he made that into an island after moving the refrigerator to the other side of the room and he got a new stove.  The back splashes were tiled, and the island as well.  Also, we have a generous family and they sold us used cabinets for the kitchen. But we needed a couple more, so we ordered those from Home Depot.  Jessica had the opportunity to polyurethane and stain all of them to match.  We have more counter space than we know what to do with now, and love our new kitchen.