I would like to recommend Sean Tunell as a skilled craftsman in all trades that he has performed for me He has completed the following work: , Roofing, Painting, Tile work, Installation of Ceiling Fans, Smoke Detectors, repaired Electric Garage Door.
Every job or repair I have requested, has been completed as an outstanding job in a reasonable amount of time. There has been nothing done half -way or left in a mess. I have complete Faith and Trust in his work and integrity . I recommend Sean without any hesitation what so ever. I have recommended him to about a dozen friends, Any question please feel free to call me.
— Kathy Mcqueen, Client from May-July 2016, Safford

I worked with Sean Tunell for 3 years in the residential construction business. We worked together building homes from the ground up. From the strenuousness of pouring concrete and framing to the delicacy needed to do touch up paint or install crown molding on cabinets, Sean Tunell is a professional. He is very detailed and knows how to do a good job. Not only is his work quality but his personality is very catchy. He is easy to talk to and cares deeply about helping others and serving them. If you choose to work with Tunell Enterprise Total Home Repair, you will be very satisfied. I was Sean’s supervisor and I could not ask for a better employee. Good luck Sean!
— Jordan Beals, Family First Homes Supervisor, Pima, Az
I can vouch for Sean Tunell. He worked for me for several years in nearly all phases of home construction. His work was always too quality!
— Mitchell Beals, Owner of Family First Homes, Previous Employer
They did my ceiling tile job. It looks fantastic!
— Chris Hunt, S & C Investors, Pima, Az